The Terminology of Holiness

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If, on the other hand, you worship the Creator, you have understood that there are two essential realities in existence—the reality of God the Creator and the reality of everything else that is fundamentally other than God because it is created.

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Christianity is inextricably tied to a cosmology that fits the deep nature of existence. You, dear reader, may hesitate to use this unusual terminology, for fear that it lacks serious biblical warrant. As I prepared to give lectures for Ligonier some time ago, I recalled how much R. Sproul had thought and written about biblical holiness.

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The penny dropped. Twoism is another way of talking about holiness. The word holy comes from a totally different Greek root. God in His divine being is three distinct persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who are never confused—although they possess the same divine nature. The world was created holy, with everything in its rightful place. God carefully separated day and night, seas and dry land, etc. Distinctions are essential to holiness. Enter cultural apologetics. Peter Jones is executive director of truthXchange , a ministry that exists to recognize and respond to the rising tide of neopaganism.

He has authored several books and is the teacher on the series Only Two Religions.

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The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now. Fix that problem! Is it not a matter of either being inside — which means, being in an entirely different reality — or being outside?

This issue can also be presented in a different way, which is at once more comprehensive and more detailed. For coming in contact with holiness is like coming in contact with infinity in mathematics: in relation to infinity, everything else is zero.

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Does holiness care about all the other systems of life, about all other ways and entities? Does holiness care about things such as science, politics, society, beauty? Is holiness not, by its very definition, self-defining, self sufficient, negating all other entities? For that which is holy necessarily goes beyond all bounds and definitions, turning everything else into zero.

The Terminology of Holiness by J.B. Chapman

For those who have had any contact with holiness, this is no trivial question. It is not a problem for people who produce menorahs, or make Jewish-style drawings. The problem begins from the other side: can one who has touched upon holiness emerge from this experience without being totally burnt? In truth, entering into holiness is a one-way journey, with a kind of warning attached: Watch out, everything burns!

All these must, almost by definition, be nullified in front of absolute infinity.

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Indeed, not all of those who enter holiness can come out intact. Therefore, whenever we discuss holiness, its boundaries and its values, we talk about it not as insiders, but rather from the viewpoint of those who are outside, looking at holiness and at things holy from a distance.

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Sometimes, this distance is a distance of yearnings; sometimes — a distance of dread; and sometimes — a distance of the feeling that often prevails among the more sensitive among us: If I get too close, I shall never be able to come out, I shall never be able to remain what I am, perhaps I shall not be able to survive at all.

This is the reason why many people, even good people, who have a phobia of holiness: precisely because they are so strongly attracted to it, they face it from a distance, in a sort of struggle. Some people escape holiness by constantly chasing the opposite.

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That is not a chase after enjoyments, but rather the pursuit of the mundane in order to evade the temptation of holiness which is, perhaps, the greatest temptation there is — as well as the greatest threat. So many people go out and behave wildly, riotously, get drunk, fornicate — just so as to evade this universe of problems, so as never to get into any kind of contact with the temptation-threat of holiness. It is when a person touches holiness, even only externally, that the problem of those who wish to create a sanctuary — of any kind — is created.

That problem is — how can one confine holiness, or represent it, or give it room, in a way that can still somehow be perceived by human beings.

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  6. I have surely built You a house to dwell in, a settled place for You to abide in for ever. Yet that house that I am building should be the place of the holy, not a house for holiness. For holiness will never be inside a house or a fence — not within the limits of our galaxy or beyond it, nor anywhere within our cosmos. It cannot be within anything at all. And yet, we can try to create a place for the holy, for that which imbibes from holiness, for those things that resonate with holiness.

    And what we can term truly holy are those things that resonate with holiness, those things that receive something from the attribute of holiness because they are sensitive to it, they know it and recognize it. And it is in relation to these things holy that we can speak about relationships, about ways in which things are being done while connecting with others.

    Every mathematician knows that there can be a mathematical formula that is perfectly correct, and still has something wrong about it — because it is not elegant. This, then, is a slightly strange conception of truth and beauty, in a different sphere. It is not a sphere of visual esthetics, or of philosophy; and yet things which are values of reality or of truth do have some kind of relationship and connection to beauty.

    It turns out, then, that although truthfulness is not examined in terms of its beauty, still, its boundaries, its definition, and its correct presentation do bear some kind of a relationship to beauty. In this, it is somewhat similar to the attitude towards the holy — and note: towards the holy, not towards holiness, for in regard to holiness we have no criteria, no measurement cups. In regard to holiness, there is no way, no meaning, that can create values, boundaries or definitions; but for whatever is between us and holiness, definitions can be created. The holy, the point of contact between holiness and reality, must be in harmony with many other things. It must be in harmony with concepts such as truth, honesty, morality, reality, even beauty.