The Super Skinny Cabbage Soup Diet Plus!

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Many people claim that the diet does not work, but this is almost always because of one or more of the following reasons:. Soup is a great way to manage weight, or lose weight.

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When we eat soup out stomachs remain full for longer and hunger is kept at bay for longer. Rather than eat nothing but cabbage soup every day, eat a varied mixture of soup. Vegetable, bean and lentil soups all provide an excellent source of nutrients and fibre.

Are You Up to the Task?

Give soup a chance! More like this in the Diet and Nutrition section. Having a lighter frame doesnt not make exercise more effective, if anything, a larger frame will allow for a greater metabolic boost. The thing that low calorie diets miss is that calorific intake actually boosts metabolism, and so boosts weight loss, you want to be eating a goodly amount of the right foods, and not starving yourself. We never said that bread is unhealthy, but white bread has a very high GI which means it is high in sugar.

Brown bread. Skinless chicken breast with sliced tomatoes made a good combination. You can eat the tomatoes raw, or grill them. Don't fry them. You should still eat the soup at least once today. Be sure to drink glasses of water on this day. Eat beef and vegetables on day six. On day six you will eat meat again.

The Cabbage Soup Diet: Pros, Cons, and How It Works

If you had chicken on day five, go for lean beef on day six. Combine lean beef with plenty of vegetables or salad. You should eat leafy greens with the beef, such as kale or spinach. Don't eat potatoes on this day. Try not to use too much oil when you cook the beef. Finish with brown rice and vegetables on day seven.

Now you have reached the final day of the cabbage soup diet. You can celebrate by eating some brown rice and vegetables alongside your cabbage soup.

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Just one modest bowl of brown rice with leafy greens should be enough to complement your daily soup intake. Juicing fruit at home will guarantee there is no added sugar and give you fresh delicious fruit juice. Don't continue the diet beyond seven days. Stick to the diet. To get the greatest benefit from the cabbage soup diet you need to be able to stick to it for the full week.

This is first and foremost a question of willpower and commitment, but there are things that you can do to help give yourself the best chance. Having a clear plan for your diet, with your meals organised in advance, will help you stick to it. Organisation and planning are crucial for any weight loss programme.

Having a prominent and detailed meal plan will help you take control of the diet and track your progress. Don't forget liquid calories. If you are dieting you will be paying close attention to what you eat, but don't forget about the calories contained in what you drink. Alcoholic drinks in particular are loaded with calories and you would be undoing all your good work if you don't cut out the alcohol while you diet. This also applies for sugary soda drinks. You might not immediately associate what you drink with your weight, but it's a crucial element that you shouldn't overlook.

Maintain your health while dieting. Undertaking the diet will result in you not getting proper nutrition for a week, so you may begin to feel tired and weak. One way to help you consume nutrients while sticking to the diet is to take a multivitamin tablet daily. This is a quick and easy way to help you maintain a reasonable intake of the nutrients you need to keep your body functioning well.

For example, go for a casual walk in the evening. If you feel too tired or lethargic then reconsider the diet and replace it with a more balanced approach to healthy eating and exercise. Keep positive during the diet. One of the elements of the diet that make it easier to stick to is its short duration. You might find it easier to stick to a severe diet for a week than a more balanced one for longer, although for long-term results a more balanced approach is far more beneficial.

If you do find yourself struggling to stick to diet and the prospect of another bowl of cabbage soup is hard to take, try to stay positive. Visualise the end day getting closer all the time and tick off each mealtime with a flourish. It is an achievement to get to the end of the week so you should be proud of your willpower and commitment. Now to see lasting benefits adopt a balanced diet and take regular exercise.

You can, but it would be better and more successful to eat fresh fruit. This is because canned mixed fruit usually has a bunch of added sugars and preservatives. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. It would be best to speak to your doctor about going on any type of extreme diet as a diabetic. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 2. If I am a vegetarian, can I eat eggs on the day I am supposed to eat meat?

You could really substitute the meat with any vegetarian-friendly substitute as long as it's not overly-processed. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. I have been on this diet several times before, some of which I have quit right in the middle of it…bc I kept getting dizzy. For about 2 times I was really happy with the results…but it is really true…that keeping it off after its the real challenge. The first time I found this diet…was years ago…when Bridget Jones Diary movie came out, and the main actress forgot her name had to gain weight for the role.

She had used this diet, but she also had a 3 month plan after the detox period to slowly add carbs back into the diet. I hope my explanation is helpful. Maybe you find more info online about the whole diet plan.

Love it! You 2 are seriously funny and I wish you all the best. LOVE it! I have 3 kids to chase.

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I might have to give this a try.. I read the posts out of order1 Yes, this is the diet I did, under the supervision of my dietician mother.