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This is a much harder shot because you need to get the door and the dome in focus. This would have turned out much better if I had my tripod with me. I should go out of my way to note that this photo is far from original. Not only is St.

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I have to believe that during construction, someone noticed the view and set up the arches and keyhole on purpose. All of this, of course, raises the question: what exactly is the Sovereign Military Order of Malta? They are what is left of the former monastic order of the Knights Hospitaller which was created during the Crusades to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land.

They used to control Malta until they were expelled by Napoleon in They are a unique entity in the world. They claim to be a sovereign power and have diplomatic relations with over countries and international organizations. Yet, they have no territory. At the heart of the nebula is the star Eta Carina, over times more massive and more than four million times more luminous than the sun.

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