Language Contact and Language Conflict in Arabic (Routledge Arabic Linguistics Series)

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Arab American parents' attudes toward their children's heritage language maintenance and language practices Natalie Martin. Language, conflict, and migration: Situating Arabic bilingual community education in the United States Zeena Zakharia. References Publications referenced by this paper. Bilingualism, Language Contact, and Immigrant Languages. Toward a characterization of Foreigner Talk. Fishman , A Joshua. American immigrant groups: ethnic identification and the problem of generations.

Vladimir C. Nahirny , Joshua A. The third generation in America. Einar Haugen.

Islamist Rhetoric: Language and Culture in Contemporary Egypt - PRIO

The challenge for research is to investigate new policies and initiatives as they emerge, evaluate them, and help policy makers become better informed. Fassi Fehri points out that the economic value of languages should not be neglected. There is great demand worldwide for Arabic, for instance, in the form of Arabic courses, Arabic learning materials, and Arabic translators.

Some countries see some gains from students who come to learn the language or tourists interested in local culture, but these are easily deterred by the political instability and violence in the region. MENA countries can profit by creating the conditions for overseas students and expatriates to take language courses as well as by producing books, dictionaries, applications, and media in their local languages. Research on this topic can benefit policy makers wishing to convince others of the benefits of language education and multilingualism or businesses and individuals struggling to capitalize on the linguistic and cultural resources they possess.

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Since religion plays a major role in MENA, another future avenue for research has to do with religion, secularization, and their implications for language and LP Or ; Suleiman ; Versteegh Whereas language ideologies of conservatism and purism are often deeply rooted in religion, in many cases throughout history, religious institutions tended to be more forgiving and tolerant than the secular nationalistic regimes that pushed for language standardization and unification. Ongoing changes in the power relations between religion and the state make the study of LP and religion a crucial part of our understanding of language in the region.

Language Endangerment and Revitalization. Linguistic Human Rights in Education. Mahmoud A. In Volume: Bilingual and Multilingual Education. In Volume: Language Awareness and Multilingualism. Teresa L. Skip to main content Skip to sections. Advertisement Hide. Arabization Arabization refers to a broad array of language policies designed to strengthen the status of Arabic and reverse language shift initially caused by colonialism and later by globalization.

Minority Languages, Multilingualism, and Language Education Despite the great uniformity imposed by national standards, the MENA region exhibits a great deal of linguistic diversity. Akkari, A. International Education Journal, 5 2 , — Google Scholar. Al-Wer, E. Arabic between reality and ideology. Owens Ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Islamist Rhetoric: Language and Culture in Contemporary Egypt

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