How To Write Your Wedding Day Speech In 20 Minutes: Wedding Speech Templates, plus lots more

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Home Speeches Bride Speeches. Bride Speech Examples If you're keen to give a bride speech on your big day then you've come to the right place. Good Luck! Speech by Amy. Speech by sally. Speech by Lisa Maskell. Speech by Jenny Vaughan. Speech by CR.

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Speech by Emma House. Speech by cerys richards. Speech by Fiona MacDonald. Speech by cathy baxter.

Speech by Bethany Nordenberg. Add Your Speech Share your speech with other wedding planning couples! Upload your Speech. Speech by Kimberley. Speech by Bethany Stuart. Speech by Rhoda Daniels. Speech by Jo Shrewsberry. Speech by Mrs G. Speech by Sofia Berry. Speech by Kajal. Speech by Amelia Woodgrove.

Speech by Sandra. Being funny in your Best man speech may be a bit tricky. Here you have a great example of how to do it like a pro. I must say it was particularly nice of James and Louis to dress up so nicely for it.

How to write the best wedding speech ever

They have done a wonderful job today and they are only rightly outshone by a gorgeous bride, Louis. I first met James around 17 years ago, and we were about 17 or He was new in the area and he turned up for preseason training with my local football team. James became our first choice goalkeeper although he was rubbish to be honest. We had a beer together after football training and our lifelong very close friendship began from there.

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After about 25 failed attempts of just climbing onto a dustbin, we decided we better give up a futile break-in attempt before one of us had an accident. So, in the end James decided before we froze to death that he should break the window on his front door to get in, which is exactly what he duly did, waking up the neighbors in the process. James has specifically asked me today to refrain from mentioning any past girlfriends.

James and Louis first met as they crossed paths on the stairs where they both lived in the same block of flats. Louis tells me that the first time she saw James she thought she was handsome from afar.

Father of the groom horror stories

First time James introduced me to Louis, I remember thinking out friendly, bubbly, I need you to talk to who she was. I always hoped that they would go the distance. From then on, I would always tell James that she was a good one and as people like to say, a definite keeper unlike James of course definitely not a goal keeper.

Louis and my wife Clair have now become very good friends which make it more pleasurable when we all get together.

I think the house needs a bit of the hour-work though because James shows me that after today, he and Louis are going to be banging and screwing at every opportunity. I had left James at around 4 AM mushing and throwing shapes on a nightclub down floor and had gone back to sleep. So, I was glad when I woke to see James safely back and snoring unbelievably loudly in the next bed in the morning. Startled, James woke up, rolled over, fell out of the bed knocked his head on the side cabinet and was unable to lift himself back up.

Best Brother Wedding Speech Kills Crowd (hilarious ending!)

He had managed not deliberately, fussily promises me get SIC in every single shoe, some of which were pretty much up to the brim. I forgave him immediately though.

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I was told to share that. It was about six weeks ago and my memories are a little hazy of the weekend, but a big thank you to all of the guys that attended. As far as the stag weekend went, Louis I can assure you that James conscience is clean. Well, it should be clean because he never used it.

Good to see you? The Clay Pigeon Preservation Society. Now, James has put the money be on the bar tonight for a round of Vagabonds for the stag party which I will organize later on tonight. We bought James a well-known sesame strip star costume they had to wear on a Friday night which went down very well with the various locals.

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Unfortunately, most of you did not have the delight of seeing James dressed up in the flesh. But fear not because those that missed it is only right that I brought a stargazed to a party, big day today, I give you James Ward aka Elmo everybody. Oh God, a drink, sorry. Number one, never go to bed on an argument, always stay up and argue.

Number two, the best way to remember your anniversary is to forget it once. Number six and most importantly, always get on with your mother-in-law. Now a quick message for Jenner the harpist, an amazing singer, she made me cry today, happy tears. So, please as many people as possible, go and have their photo taken. And Louis how lucky you are that you leave today having gained a gorgeous dress and a lovely bouquet of flowers.

And I also have a few messages to read from people who could not be here but wanted to pass on their best wishes. Are you nervous? Afraid you might forget the words? Not sure if you can do it in front of all those people? Still do not know what to write to be witty and funny? Congratulations on becoming Mr.

How I wish we were there to celebrate your big day.