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We help you. Or maybe not? What does it mean for me? So hot right now The New Chinese Miracle? What Does This Mean for your Entitlements? We're Korean! Or is it a high-ball? Bring On The Dancing Girls! The house is haunted. Beware of the various stuff that the house throws at you, they will hurt you. A few steps ahead you'll find an old newspaper on the table. Try to go up the stairs and you'll fall though the breaking stairs. You're now in the basement. Head forward, then turn right at the intersection and go through the only unlocked door. It will lock behind you. Break the wall and enter the next room.

Read the old newspaper and now go to the laundry room.

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Go into the boiler room and activate the generator, now you can use the elevator to go to the 1st floor. Head past the middle section and read the newspaper on the table. Continue, enter the next room and check the child-drawing on the floor. Go to the other side of the 1st floor and you'll see an apparition pointing to a door, use your key to unlock the door and enter the room. Smash the boards on the flood and jump down into the bar. Read the newspaper and use the food-lift to go down to the kitchen.

The vent will take you to the elevator shaft, quickly run forward to avoid the falling elevator and use the ladder to reach the 2nd floor. Continue through the corridor and to your left, read the newspaper. Now go back to the elevator and take the right corridor. Go to the end of it and enter the last room to the left.

Climb up to the next floor, leave the room, jump over the gap and duck under the gas that comes out of the walls. Go through the last door and reach a ruined area. When you proceed you'll be taken to the past. Drop down, go back to the elevator shaft and finally leave the house. Return to the Asylum and you'll find Jeanette there. She will ask you to give her the pendant. It's your choice. Finish it and come back to the Asylum to find Therese mad at you.

leondumoulin.nl/language/thriller/remember-me-in-paradise.php You must go the Gallery Noir and destroy all the paintings. The gallery is right across from Mercurio's place. There is a guard in front of the gallery and you must get past him, you can do this using two ways. I suggest to spare Chunk, he's one of the funniest NPCs in the game Once inside you must slash the paintings in a chronological order.

Each painting shows a part of Caine's legacy and you must slash it in chronological order. Once you do this a blood guardian will appear and you'll have to fight him. Head back to the Asylum. She wants you to go to the local diner and reassure Jeanette that everything is alright between them. Go to the diner and a pack of thugs will attack you, kill them 2 XP and answer the phone. Also don't forget to take the shotgun from the thugs and some ammo for the. You can take Jeanette's or Therese's side and make one kill the other 1 XP , or persuade both of them to coexist 3 XP.

In order to persuade both of them you need to have a Persuasion feat of level 4 and during your previous conversations with them be you'd have to as nice as possible to both. This means that you must tell them exactly what they want to hear all the time. You can now go to him.

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His hiding place is over at Sunco Gasoline, the gate is now unlocked. Talk to him 1 XP and he'll get you inside the warehouse. Once you're in you can stealth kill the first thug easily, and then enter the next room. Grab the. From then on there are many ways into the main warehouse building: 1. Go through the main entrance which is heavily guarded. Go to the train, climb the ladder and climb through the vent.

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Go all the way around through the back door. It's really up to you how you wanna do this, but I'll give you a way that is probably the easiest and the most rewarding. Go past the train wagons and take out the two thugs there. Continue past the wagons and you'll see a train engine in a bunker. You'll be high up, with a view over the various thugs. If you climb on the ceiling bars you can make it undetected to the offices if that's your style, or you can try to kill them all from afar with your.

It doesn't do much damage but it has a long range so it will be easy to kill every one on this side of the warehouse. Now go back down the ladder and start moving through the wagons.

You'll spot a lone thug there, kill him as fast as you can and then take out the other two that will appear. In a wagon near you you'll find some. Open the door and enter another area with a wagon in the middle. Beware that there is a guard on the stairs.

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If you can take him out silently, and then move on to the next area. Here you'll find two thugs. You can kill them in a direct approach or you can do things a bit more entertaining.