Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry

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Conservatives who once dismissed concerns about political abuse of NSA surveillance now complain about intelligence leaks linking Trump associates to the Kremlin; liberals who not long ago were denouncing the CIA for its unaccountable power have discovered new affection for the heroes at Langley who might uncover impeachment-worthy dirt.

Beneath the politics of convenience is the reality that a large segment of the U. And sometimes the government bureaucracy really does exercise power over the commander in chief: Obama felt that the military pressured him into sending more troops to Afghanistan than he had wanted, while an inexperienced George W.

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Bush was arguably led to war by a bipartisan cadre of national security insiders who had long wanted to take out Saddam Hussein. Even the Trump critique about the deep state in revolt, however exaggerated, is worth consideration. But Trump haters should consider the precedent—and how they would feel if, say, a President Kamala Harris were to enter the White House in and be hobbled by a similar blizzard of leaks from intelligence officials who consider her soft on terrorism.

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Whether any of this means there is a deep state in America depends on your definition. Powerful bureaucrats with access to government secrets and trusted media friends certainly do try to influence presidents from the shadows. But in Washington, at least, their views and goals are not monolithic.

Deep state in the United States

Some of the subversion and leaks Trump has faced are merely federal employees defending their turf from budget cuts and bone-headed ideas. For Trump, a man who has always defined himself against caricatured enemies, the deep state is a useful boogeyman that allows him to merge several disparate political targets—real, exaggerated and imagined—into a single villain he can use to rally his supporters.

Americans might be foggy about what, exactly, the deep state really is.

Echelon: The Secret Power documentary

But Washington they know—and know they hate. Skip to Main Content.

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Continue to article content. They were objecting to President Trump's announcement that he was stripping the security clearance of Brennan, who was CIA director under President Obama. And there may be more coming The WashPost's Karen DeYoung and Josh Dawsey report: "The White House has drafted documents revoking the security clearances of current and former officials whom President Trump has demanded be punished for criticizing him or playing a role in the [Russia] investigation.

Bush , Gates George H.

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Bush , Tenet Clinton and George W. Bush , Goss George W. Bush , Hayden George W.

Can it Happen Here? review: urgent studies in rise of authoritarian America

Bush , Panetta Obama and Petraeus Obama. Nick Shapiro — a former CIA deputy chief of staff in the Obama administration, who helped orchestrate the letters — tells me that a major concern of many of the signatories was President Trump's implicit threat to current intelligence officers:.

Deep state : inside the government secrecy industry

The letter was endorsed by 15 former intelligence officials of the director or deputy director level. But other CIA alumni wanted to join in. So late yesterday, a second letter was circulated, signed by 60 former CIA officers analysts, station chiefs, operations officers, a former President's Daily Brief briefer :.