Dare 2 Dream Pushing Past Your Pain to Pursue Purpose

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This is not the case. Remember that the people in your dreams represent aspects of yourself. If you dream about a close friend, then think about their strongest character traits. If you think of them as being humble then you are dreaming about the humble side of yourself. Flying: This can be a wonderful or scary dream. Losing Someone: This is another unsettling dream. We tend to be afraid that we will never find them again. If you dream that you are losing your child it refers to ignoring those childlike qualities in yourself.

So, play more and stop being such a grown-up. If you lose your spouse there may be a need for you to address the masculine or feminine energy that pulses through you. Remember, you are the perfect blend of both. Being Chased: This can be a frightening dream, often demonstrating that some unresolved part of your personality needs attention. Perhaps you are being dishonest with someone or are ignoring something that has been difficult to admit.


This is a shadow dream and whatever chases you is simply an unwanted aspect of yourself. Do not ignore this or it will get bigger.

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If you feel you cannot move and are stuck this means that you feel helpless and are not sure how to address the issue. Do not worry—this is not a premonition that your death is near. These dreams refer to a part of yourself having a symbolic death. What in your life that is slowly slipping away? Is it your anger or your lust?

The hurt is real, but you're not alone.

Is it your dream of becoming an actress? You are saying good-bye to something you have known. This can actually be a good thing as you may be losing something that was not serving you anymore. If it is someone who is killing you then you are probably in conflict about letting go. Your narcissistic need for adoration could be killing your hope for real intimacy. Naked: This can be an unsettling dream.

It refers to the fact that you feel unprotected and vulnerable, as though the shield you have put up is not working and people can now see the real you. This may create anxiety, because in our most natural form we are exposed for all to see. You may feel unprepared and shy to show the real you. There may be many rooms filled with different artifacts, furniture, or people. These may represent different times in your life, your personas, feelings, or character traits. Look around you and pay attention to what you see.

Bring those wonderful elements back with you into consciousness. They will be fun to play with. Water: Water represents the unconscious. Submerging in any body of water means exploring your psyche. Keep in mind that all of these archetypes live inside of you and may appear at different moments in your life. The Soul: This is our most authentic being and spiritual essence.

Listen and Learn How God Speaks to You

Are you feeling centered, balanced, and whole? Will you pass that loving energy on to those around you? The Shadow: This is the repressed and unwanted part of our personality. The things we do not like about ourselves. Our dishonesty, addictions, fear, and anger. What unwanted character trait is knocking at the door? If you try to hide, the knocks will get louder. A rescuer or a champion. A warrior.

Someone who can slay the dragon. Are you battling something difficult in your life? The Divine Child: This image is represented by a beautiful boy or girl with radiance and hope. This figure may appear during periods of new beginnings, reinventing yourself, a spiritual rebirth, and a time of cleansing.

Would a change be good for you? The Wise Old Man: This image is represented by a kind, aged, softened man or woman. This figure will appear when you are learning something new about yourself, acquiring wisdom, making a smart choice, or have a thirst for knowledge and understanding. Is it time to remember what you have learned? The Trickster: This dream image is often represented by a coyote or a slick, shifty-looking character.

When there is dishonesty deceit, or a sense of betrayal in your life the trickster may appear in your dream.

For One 9/11 Survivor, the Road to Recovery Is Paved by Helping Others

Do you not trust someone who is close to you? The Good Mother: When you are filled with maternal energy, the archetype of the good mother may appear as a wholesome, loving, nurturing, kind woman who is a protector and teacher. Do you need to mother some aspect of yourself that feels neglected? The Good Father: The dream image is of a powerful, decisive, strong man who takes control. This archetype may be present when you feel a need to surge forward and get things done without too much thought or emotion.

Is it time to take control and be proactive about that thing you have been putting off? God Image: This dream image may be represented by a Divine Maternal or Paternal figure, a shining star, a planet, the sun, or Mother Nature. This archetype appears in our dreams when we are ready to embrace and surrender to our most spiritual side. Do you believe in God? The Orphan: Represented as a sad boy or girl who is lost and alone.

This powerful archetype may appear in our dreams when we feel left out, disconnected with others, ignored by someone we love, and in need of guidance. Is there some aspect of yourself that needs attention? A part of you that feels lonely? The Lover: If you are feeling a swell of sexual energy, being intimate with a partner, or have new romance in your life, you may dream about the lover archetype.

This will be represented by images of flowers, sexual encounters, intertwined hands, and a sense of belonging. Is it time for a romantic getaway? The Rebel: This is shown as the rule breaker, free, and uninhibited, the wild child who calls for the revolution.

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My lack of sleep affected my work. I was up all night and not falling asleep until 4 a. I wasn't able to operate efficiently. In my business you can't show up for work at 11 a. By though, she was ready to do her own thing. Late that year, she started Harvest Wealth Financial, a firm that offers financial and disaster planning with a spiritual, compassionate flavor, specializing in serving clients who are dealing with traumas such as catastrophic illness or a premature death in the family.

Helping others helped her. A decision had to be made.

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  • Was I going to continue to allow September 11, , to defeat me or would I make every attempt to find myself again," says Simpson, who marks her rebirth in when she says she chose to live. She credits her turnaround to her faith, and when was asked to make a speech, she titled it "Dare 2 Dream. In encouraging others, a spark was ignited to me. I had to start believing in myself again. I began by developing a strategy to meet new clients. I created a daily to-do list. That money, which will likely be distributed in , says Simpson, is much needed.

    They have lost homes, have suffered not only emotionally but financially. I know what it is like to feel like you have no guidance," says Simpson.