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By this time, some of these collections were advertised on television: either commercials or minute infomercials. I really couldn't connect and I was bored after sometime because the story building was dull. The main characters were also dull as there was no development after their intro.

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I liked the twin boys. At least they added some feeling to this story. I skimmed a lot just to finish the book. I think I'm officially in a book slump. Jul 08, Shaly rated it really liked it Shelves: suzanne-ferrell. At first glance you think this was your typical small town sweet romantic read, but its so far from that its not even funny.

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Yeah we have the small town, the sweet and romantic but everything comes at a price. Emma was a tough character to like because quite frankly she was nasty to anyone who tried to help her, I totally understand how her bastard ex-husband did her dirty but not everyone has a secret agenda. Sometimes people are just nice without wanting anything in return. So it took me a whi At first glance you think this was your typical small town sweet romantic read, but its so far from that its not even funny.

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So it took me a while to warm up to her character but throughout the book she does grow on people. Clint was your usual alpha with a hero complex.

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I guess being a doctor he wants to save everyone and he jumps to conclusions pretty quickly, like assuming Emma was a neglectful mother when she was anything but. Her twins were a handful and at a age where they just acted out without any thought to their well being. They were only six years old! One thing I liked about this book was the multiple POVs, we get to read from Emma, Clint and yes even Dewayne's perspectives, which gives us a clearer understanding of where each character is mentally.

Overall it was a good book, the twins and their antics made it a fun and quirky read, while simultaneously we get a shade of dark and malice thanks to Emma's ex. So a few things going on but not so much to get you confused, just enough to keep you super engaged!! Oct 07, Alison rated it liked it Shelves: thriller-romance , read , small-town , contemporary , kindle-freebie.

Episode 9 "Mysterious Man" Aftershow - Too Close To Home

When I saw the second book on special offer the character Gabe rang a bell and so I dug this out to see if I had read it and what I thought. When I realised I hadn't finished it I girded my loins and read the rest. Which is a long-winded way of saying some of the commentary may be a bit vague.

Emma is the sort of heroine you find in what I call thriller-romances. Always married to a scum-bag of some description they are brutally divorced, cheated of all alimony and child-support and end up living from hand to mouth - in this case also supporting a mother with growing dementia. Emma has twins! Clint is a city doctor in a flourishing ER practice.

However, a procedure gone wrong has left him loathing his life and his job. When his uncle asks him to be a locum for his small-town practice Clint reluctantly agrees. When he meets Emma's little boys he jumps to conclusions about her fitness as a mother which circumstances do nothing to dispel. So, so far so good.

Close to Home

A sweet romance with a struggling divorcee two cute little boys and a jaded, wealthy bachelor. TBH I think this was all I was expecting and when the ex-husband reared his metaphorically ugly head it all became too busy for me.

The two sides of the story didn't really gel for me. Also Clint seemed to have a ready supply of family members who could fix all of Emma's problems - need a lawyer - my brother can help etc. So, for the main part those are my vague recollections. Knowing the plan, with Clint telling her to trust him and stay away, she did exactly the opposite and could have ruined the entire operation.

One which was specially planned and timed to overturn her ex's attempts to gain custody of one twin!!! I thought Clint should have called her on her stupidity, her reneging on her agreement to stay away AND her lack of trust in him and her cousin to spring the trap. She didn't even go into the back of the bar - no she waltzed right in the front door. Never mind, I'll give it a go. Loved this book. Close To Home is book 1 in the Weston , Ohio series. It introduces the citizens and heart of small town living.

Well developed characters and well developed story. This book not only has small town charm, romance, it also has alot of suspense and intrigue. When you finish the book you can't wait for the next book in the series. And wonder which character is going to be the next to get their happily ever after. May 18, Crystal Connor rated it it was ok. There were things I liked about this book.

Choose one spelling and stick to it. On what planet would a judge allow a stranger have a visit with a child without a supervisor to make sure the kids weren't hurt emotionally? Would a judge ever consider splitting twins up between two parents? The more I read the lower my rating got. Oct 24, Anca rated it liked it. If you're looking for an easy, quick, romance novel: look no further. This was just that. A story about a nice boy and girl who fall in love, add 2 adorable twin boys and a sleazebag ex, who thinks he can get custody of the boys and you have this book. Sometimes I just want a book I can read, without having to think too much.

This fit the bill perfectly.