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The nest was active in all years through , but did not produce chicks in or The population dwindled throughout the first half of the 20th century and was extirpated from the state after a last nesting attempt in The first release was of four birds at Guntersville Lake in Jackson County.

The first nesting attempt occurred in , but was unsuccessful. Additional unsuccessful attempts occurred in , , and until in two nesting pairs successfully fledged young. Successful nesting has occurred in every year since, with the population steadily growing to breeding pairs in The eagle is now found throughout the state along major lakes and rivers. The bald eagle was formerly a common nester throughout Iowa, but was extirpated by the early s due to habitat loss and persecution.

The killing of adults and removal of nestlings, such as occurred at a long-occupied nest near Rowan in Wright County in was typical. The last nest known to be occupied occurred near Kellogg in Jasper County in Both eaglets were taken. Seventy-two years later, in , a successful nest was found near New Albin in the Mississippi River floodplain.

The population has dramatically increased since then to pairs in New York.

To Soar Like Eagles

Bald eagles commonly nested in New York in the 19th century, began declining in the early s, were rare by the s, and dwindled to virtual extirpation in the s. By , the state population consisted of a single, non-reproducing pair in Livingston County.

To save the species, New York instituted the first systematic reintroduction program with a combination of egg transplants, chick fostering, and eaglet hacking. Though unable to produce their own eggs, the Livingston County pair successfully accepted and fledged eight foster eagles over a five-year period.

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Between and , eaglets mostly from Alaska, but also from the Great Lakes were brought to New York and hacked into the wild. After 13 years of hard work, the eagle population began to expand on its own, jumping from three pairs in to about in The state reintroduction program ended in , but New York City recently took up the cause, releasing 20 Wisconsin-born eaglets in Ironwood Hill Park at the northern tip of Manhattan between and You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Recover your password. Forgot your password? Many are opposed to the plan. They are also killing large numbers of sea birds, otters and even golden eagles.

One commenter claimed to have seen a sea eagle take a living lamb. Either way the sea eagle is seen as a dangerous predator. But what happens if it all goes wrong? This is a highly urbanized setting.

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It really is ridiculous. They were reintroduced in Scotland in the s and now there are an estimated breeding pairs.

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Follow David Strege and the outdoors on Facebook. Both the …. In a rare sighting, an amateur photographer in Scotland snapped off a series of photos of a sea eagle flying with a lamb in its talons. Learn More.