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Our hearts are softened toward each other and it seems easier to forgive a hurt or an unkindness when we remember that tender and timeless story of the birth of the Baby Jesus in a Bethlehem stable nearly 2, years ago. That same Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate at Christmastime, is your Friend now and always, and He is the same Jesus whose love for you is never changing. He loves all children, and has need for their hope, their faith, their cheerfulness, and their clean and bright spirits to help light the way for those whose lives have been clouded by sadness. Sometimes it is easier to think more about receiving gifts than giving them.

Excellence and mastery and world-class. Those are beautiful values to give to a child, like using good words, eating great food, reading great books, having interesting conversations, being in nature. They would sit around the table and the Kennedy kids would ask them questions. My loved ones are there, and my children are asking questions and that forms their philosophy.

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It imprints so many examples in their way of operating. The final thing I would say is more than anything else, is encouraging our children to see the value of being loving, compassionate, forgiving and kind. Where we sometimes dismiss the compassionate as weak, when deep in our hearts and deep within our characters we fully understand that the bravest and most heroic amongst us are the most loving.

It takes massive guts, incredible strength of character to forgive, to be a peacemaker, to build understanding where the average person judges someone. Encourage your children. Give them the messaging and more than anything else live it through your example. To be kind.

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To be loving. To be polite to strangers on the street.


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  • Share: 3x 0x. Thanks very much. As your eyes sparkle with the excitement of this happy season and as you sing the lovely Christmas carols, may you remember the beautiful story of the Baby Jesus, who was born in a lowly manger in Bethlehem while shepherds watched their flocks by night on the plains of Judea.

    When the angel Gabriel first visited young Mary in Nazareth, he told her she had been chosen to become the mother of the Son of God and that she should call his name Jesus, a special name meaning Savior.

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    Down through the ages, Jesus has been known by many other names that tell of His greatness and of His work. The first letters of these sacred titles spell the name of this season when we celebrate the wondrous birth of the Baby Jesus. As you think about gifts this Christmas, we hope you will think of the meaning of these names given to Jesus by those who knew and loved Him.